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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

FWD Architects, with offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, And Raipur, is a team of Young Architects, Interior Designers, and Project Managers with a sound background in the international building trends. At FWD sustainability along with economic feasibility has always been the pivot. With a lot of modern construction technologies flowing into the country with unprecedented requirements, FWD is standing up to the expectations of the clients in terms of providing an “easily marketable solution” along with the expected returns. The right mix of international trends, the requirements, the client’s expectations, and the site condition gives birth to the architecture fit for emerging India.

Nearly 13 years of Practice, FWD Architects has established a reputation for excellence in the designs of small and large scale Residential, Hospitality, Commercial and Institutional projects. A team of 40 professionals, we are still a hands-on, design-oriented firm at heart. Our identity lies in balancing the connection to the client, integrity in design, and well-organized work culture.

Site responsive design has always been a hallmark of our firm for a decade. We strive to honor the site with design solutions inspired by the vernacular ideology and the international know-how. We advocate sustainability with the right mix of profitable and practical design methodologies in all our projects.

FWD architects

Our Story

As an architect, each and every design is done as a step-up of learning.

Designs are done to satisfy clients' need for space and optimization of it not for architects ego.

Each design has unique characteristics depening on requirements of space.

Meet The Team

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